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Welcome to the Waggott Family website. I have been gathering as much information and history that I can find over the years, through Ancestry, church records and graveyards.

Several times I drove to the Durham Records Office, West Boldon and Hartlepool for my dad’s side. Was disappointed to find the magnificent church in Chester-le-Street had removed all the graves from around the grounds, back in the 70’s I was told, and bundled the headstones against the perimeter wall. Trying to sort through them you couldn’t help but think how sad it all was. Needless to say, nothing with any Waggott family name.

I ventured across to Preston to visit the Records Office there and the churchyard in Mellor to find mum’s ancestors. Found the grave of my grandfather in St. Mary’s Chapel and a signed copy of the book: ‘The History of Mellor” by Neil Summersgill in a local shop, which is out of print now unfortunately. I had a lovely email exchange with the author about finding the farm where mum grew up. 


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